Jeenee Assist
SOS Alarm

Jeenee Assist Personal SOS Alarm offers Australian customer service, uses the Optus network and you can rent or buy

Freedom with Peace of Mind

A happy senior couple happy they have piece of mind and freedom
You will always know that your loved ones are safe when they have a Jeenee Assist Personal SOS Alarm with them, wherever they go.
Jeenee Mobile’s new Jeenee Assist Personal SOS Alarm offers freedom with peace of mind, knowing that in the event of an accident, emergency or fall – help is only the push of a button away.
Studies around the world show that people over the age of 65 are at a higher risk of life threatening injuries. Jeenee Assist provides the reassurance that help is available, whenever and wherever it is needed.
Unlike other similar personal alarms, the Jeenee Assist has a number of stand out features that the other personal safety alarms don’t. Plus, you’ll always be confident that you are supported 24/7 by Australian Company Jeenee Mobile from the moment you make the purchase.
The Jeenee Assist personal alert system gives those you love the opportunity to live their best life, with peace of mind, knowing that help is just the press of a button away.
Priced from $29.90 /month
Works when you need it most Options to suit everyone Australian owned with Australian based support

Works When Needed Most

Call or Text Up To 5 People

Fall Detection Alert

Australian Based Support


Purchase Or Rent

Water Resistant

Geofence to Protect Wanderers

Emergency Call Button

2-Way Voice Calling 

Optus Excellent Coverage 

4 men who are 4 generations of family

Offering Families Peace Of Mind

Easy, Fast Charging

Family is important to us and spending time with those we love is often the heart of our lives.

The Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm aims to bring families peace of mind, knowing their loved ones will never be alone. The Jeenee Assist is a small, unobtrusive alarm that is simple to use. Despite our best intentions and wishes, we can’t always be there but with the Jeenee Assist, you can be confident help is always on hand.

The Jeenee Assist personal alarm is supported by Jeenee Mobile and the Optus network. Our Australian based support is key to the superior service you will receive from the Jeenee Assist. True peace of mind.

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