SOS Alarm Works For Kids

A personal alarm is not just for the frail and sick. A personal sos alarm, like the Jeenee Assist sos alarm has many great features that can be used by anyone, especially younger kids. Jeenee Assist is a great way to keep kids safe.

If you’ve ever considered getting your kids a mobile phone to keep them safe when walking home from school or visiting friends, but not sure if they are ready for the responsibility, the Jeenee Assist is the perfect alternative.

Allows kids to make a calls to one number

The Jeenee Assist is powered by Jeenee Mobile. Every Jeenee Assist alarm device has it’s own SIM and individual phone number. Kids can make phone calls to one nominated contact by simply pressing the call button on the side of the alarm.

This means that kids can call out using the Jeenee Assist to let Mum, Dad or Nan know that they are running late or that they will be staying late for sports training. Kids don’t need to worry about remembering which number to call and they won’t get tempted by games on a mobile phone.


A Jeenee Assist is a great alternative to a distracting mobile phone

Phone calls can also be make to the Jeenee Assist. Parents and carers can dial the allocated number and your child can have a two way conversation. These calls will not use us any credit from your personal alarm.

Offering parents and carers peace of mind

What makes the Jeenee Assist different to other personal alarm devices on the market is that you always have peace of mind knowing that you will get help when you need it most.

You can most definitely use the Jeenee Assist as a personal alarm. Your kids can press the big button if they get into trouble and it will call up to 5 nominated contacts with a text message and then a call. Once a call is connected, you can talk to your child immediately. It’s much easier for a primary school child to press one big button than have to find a number in their phone, in an emergency.

“Your kids can press the big button if they get into trouble.”

The device also has a GPS locator so you’ll get notification of their location. No more stressing about if they got home OK or if they are still at sports training.

What this all adds up to is peace of mind for parents and kids. So, if you thought that a personal sos alarm was just for the elderly. Think again. Check out our great pricing options to see if the Jeenee Assist is something for your family.

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