an elderly lady with a walking stick fallen over in the street

Avoid Falls And Slips

As we get older, we need to be more careful when we are out and about as the chance of a fall increase. Why not take stock of your surroundings and use these helpful ideas to avoid falls and continue to live a full and fun life.

Buy Good Shoes

Always make sure that you have a good pair of shoes. They need to fit well and have a sturdy sole that has a good grip. Try to avoid going bare foot or just wearing socks. If you prefer to wear slippers, make sure they also have a good, durable sole. Sometimes you need to spend a little more on your footwear as you get older but it will be worth it if it helps you to avoid slipping.

Walk Slowly

A great way to make sure you always stay upright is to walk slowly. You will have better balance, more time to see hazards and less chance of slipping. If you are trying to keep up with other people, ask them to slow down to your pace. 

Make Your Home Clutter Free

After a lifetime of great experiences, we can often find ourselves with a home full love memories. It’s when those memories turn into clutter that we need to worry.  You don’t need to throw anything away…. just put it away. Take a look at where you walk the most and make sure that the path is clear. If you have a lot off little things, why not put them together into a box or cupboard where they can’t get knocked over and end up on the floor. Doing a clean up one or twice a year is also a great idea so that staying clutter free doesn’t get overwhelming.

Avoid Long Or Loose Clothing

Often, when we think comfortable clothes, we gravitate to loose, baggy, oversized clothing but this clothing will be a tripping hazard. Long dressing gowns, scarves or shawls can put you at a higher risk of tripping, as you may slip on the end of them. Look for clothing that fits well but is made from comfortable fabrics like bamboo or cotton and elastic wastes. You can still be comfortable in well fitting clothing without the risk of falling.

Make Repairs As Soon As You Can

Try not to put off making repairs around your house, especially outside. Cost can often be a reason why we put repairs off or not knowing who can help but it’s important to stay on top of things. If you can’t ask a family member to assist, try a neighbour or someone in your community to give you advice. If you know something is a tripping hazard, at the very least get some gaffer tape and secure the problem before it causes you a big problem.

Stay Healthy

Eating well and taking your medication correctly are very important when avoiding falls and slips. Keep on top of your health and look after yourself so you can stay happy. Always check with your medical professional when you notice any change in your balance.

What To Do If You Have A Fall

  1. Don’t Panic. Things are not going to get better by stressing so stay as calm as you can and see if you can get up unassisted. Survey your situation and work out your options.
  2. If you have a Jeenee Assist personal alarm, tit will automatically call your 5 chosen contacts via the fall detection function, allowing you to speak with them and discuss your needs. They will be able to assess your situation with you and offer you help.
  3.  If you can’t get up immediately, see if you can roll or crawl to a phone or somewhere you can call for help.
  4. If you can’t move and you are alone. Find something to bang on the floor with or break a window, if indoors. If you are outdoors, Yell for help with small intervals to rest and catch your breath. If you are bleeding, try to find something to slow the bleeding, like a towel or clothing.
  5. Stay warm. If you have to wait some time for help to arrive, try to stay warm. Use newspapers, a rug or leaves or grass to prevent you from too getting cold.
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