Circle Of Men

Guest Post: Kev James 

If you live near the Redlands area and southern suburbs of Brisbane and are looking for a rewarding way to interact with your community, consider volunteering for the Circle Of Men Companion Program.


Circle Of Men Companion Program

Meetings weekly to support and nurture men living in aged care. A weekly companionship program where dedicated male volunteers gather in groups to support elderly men living in 15 Aged Care Facilities around the Redlands area and southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Circle Of Men is just that, men of all ages coming together in a circle sharing their songs and stories, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their similarities and their differences.

It is also a powerful practice that greatly restores and rejuvenates our elders who all too often find themselves alone, isolated and unloved at this most vulnerable stage of life. Circle of Men is a circle of trust.

Our volunteers develop skills to firstly care for themselves and each other before offering help to others. Aside from having a great deal of fun they learn to trust and depend upon one another creating a deeper sense of purpose and direction in their own lives.



How To Volunteer

We would suggest that no amount of words could explain the sense of joy and service our volunteer’s experience. As a potential new volunteer in the Circle of Men we would strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and call our volunteer coordinator Kevin James today.

He will be happy to have a chat and arrange for you to attend one of our weekly group gatherings. It will take only a couple of hours for the visit. After that you can decide for yourself if you are the one for the job.

Our guess is you will to want to step up and into the Circle of Men aged care companionship program as soon as possible.Circle of Men has both men and women providing leadership, direction and hands on help where it is needed.

It has no religious or political affiliation, & is a registered Not For Profit organisation.

Call Kev James on 0490 105 715



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