Create Calm In Your Home By Decluttering

Guest Post: Jo Carmichael, All Sorted Out

Over a decade ago, Jo Carmichael established All Sorted Out and has been decluttering Australian homes – from mansions to cottages – in order to transform them from messy and chaotic to organised and serene.

Getting older can often mean that we collect a lot of memories along the way and with that, clutter can sometimes take over in a home. Often falls can be the result of tripping over clutter so it is important to review what you have at home and where you keep it.

Every day as a Professional Organiser, I use these strategies to create calm in homes. Please give it a go.


Remove any clothes from your wardrobe you no longer wear if they’re too tight or too big, worn out, given to you but don’t like or were a bad purchase. If they’re still in good shape donate to a charity otherwise dispose in bin. Deciding what to wear will be much easier now.


Clear the tops of the dressing table and chest of drawers. Wipe clean and only place back things you really enjoy looking at or use. Move books & magazines you’ve already read out to a book shelf in the lounge room or donate to a friend or charity. Add an indoor plant or flowers.


Remove everything off the bench top and wipe it clean. Give the splash back a spray to make it sparkle. Only place back on the bench essential items – kettle, coffee maker, juicer or toaster. Or if you have a utility cupboard place it there.

Under The Sink

Keep dish detergent, dish cloths etc under the sink – so the bench top isn’t littered. Only keep the ‘in use’ detergent and dishwasher items here. Store the supplies elsewhere so under the sink doesn’t get clogged up.

Living and Family Rooms

Recycle old newspapers and magazines into the waste basket if older than 1 week and 3 months respectively. Collect everything left in the living areas, that belongs in the bedrooms, study, and kitchen, group together and return to those rooms. 


Need some help to get started? That’s our day job – give us a call.

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