5 Simple Steps:
How Jeenee Assist Works

User presses the large SOS button

The Jeenee Assist personal safety alarm is designed for easy use.
When someone needs assistance, all they need to do is press the large SOS button on the front of the unit for 3 seconds to activate the alert and call for assistance.
The alert will also be initiated if a sudden fall (change in altitude) has occurred.

Jeenee Assist texts 5 preset contact

The Jeenee Assist will send a text to your 5 preset contacts.
The text will contain location information so that the user can be easily found by simply clicking the link in the text,
which will show you the exact location on Google Maps.

Jeenee Assist starts calling up to 5 preset contacts

The Jeenee Assist will now begin the process of calling your contacts.
The home alert system will begin with the 1st number and work through all 5 numbers until a call is answered.
You can add 000 to your call list or use the Jeenee Assist optional 24/7 Answering Service, so the call will always be actioned even if the user is unable to speak.

Talk to the person needing assistance

As the Jeenee Assist works like a mobile phone (with its own SIM) you can now talk to the person who called for assistance.
You are given extra peace of mind by being able to understand what the situation is, without being there.

Reassure while help arrives

You can remain talking to your loved one until help arrives.
You are able to stay in contact with them, to give them reassurance.
You will also be able to stay up to date with the situation - true peace of mind from the Jeenee Assist personal safety alarm.

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