Not all are the same.

Do you know what to look for?

So, you have made the decision to buy a personal alarm to keep your loved ones safe but which SOS alarm can you trust to give your family true peace of mind? There are many options and some alarms may look the same however, there are significant differences. 


Here are 3 key points you must consider before making your decision.

Some alarms are just basic phone diallers. They are activated by pressing a button which is received by a base station in the home. When the base station gets an alarm signal, it will auto dial the pre-defined numbers until someone answers. 

The limitation with this is it only works in the home and the signal may not be received by the base station in all areas of the yard. 

At Jeenee Mobile we do not offer diallers, as they do not provide you with full peace of mind

These are more sophisticated and use a combination of the 3G mobile phone network and GPS Technologies.

In order to work, the alarm must be visible to satellites and be connected to the mobile network. When you purchase your alarm you should confirm it works in the area it will be used the most. To help you identify coverage in your area we have provided a coverage map that will confirm the Optus signal at any specific address.


When the SOS button is pressed, the alarm will send text messages with the exact position details of the user which is opened by Google Maps. They will usually then dial up to 5 contact numbers, that have been pre programmed into the device. This works on an escalation process until someone answers the call.

The limitation that SOS devices have is that if any one of the emergency contacts has a voicemail or answering machine the escalation procedure could be interrupted as the device thinks it has been answered.

To resolve this issue Jeenee Assist provides the peace of mind option of having a 24/7 answering service, available to take the emergency call and escalate it to someone on the emergency contact list or even call 000 and have an ambulance dispatched.

Some providers tell you there are NO monthly fees…. just a one off cost! If your device uses GPS tacking it almost certainly requires a mobile SIM card to send the data, this SIM card needs to be on either a monthly mobile plan or a pre paid service.


Pre Paid: The benefit of prepaid is that it may sound cheaper BUT the downside is that without credit the alarm will NOT work rendering it useless. Depending on how your service is setup, it may send 5 text messages for each alarm event this will chew through any credit very quickly…. and what’s more …. you may not know that you have no credit left until you really need it … in an emergency!

At Jeenee Mobile, we are the ONLY provider of SOS alarms that is also a Mobile Phone service provider. This gives us the unique ability to be able to offer a cost effective monthly plan that includes 60 minutes of calls and 100 texts for just $7.90 per month. If the credit is used it will automatically top up for another 60 mins and 100 texts for only $5 this gives you the complete peace of mind that Jeenee Assist will be there when you need it most.

Why the Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm?

Security of knowing the alarm will work when you need it most

Never have to worry about how much credit is left or run the risk of having no credit when you need it most. The Jeenee Assist comes standard with 60 minutes of talk and 100 texts for only $7.90 per month ( included in the Rental fee). Automatic top ups of 60 minutes of talk and 100 texts for only $5 per top up in the event that you use up all your monthly allowance. This gives you the security of knowing the alarm will work when you need it most.

a young woman has a microphone and is a customer service person smiling and happy with a man with a beard behind her both sitting at a desk in front of computers

24/7 Answering Service (Coming Soon)

To ensure that the emergency call will always be answered, we recommend the 24/7 call answering service for only $24.90 per month. We can be the first point of contact or one of the 5 contacts. For less that a $1 per day this service gives you complete peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency there will always be someone there to help. It removes the possibility of a voicemail or answering machine answering the call and stopping the escalation procedure.

Automatically call and text 5 contacts at the press of a button

SOS emergency call button which when pushed for 3 seconds will automatically send text messages to up to 5 contacts with details of the users location. This information is accessed by clicking on the link which will then take you to google maps. The unit then will dial the 5 contacts in order until someone answers the call

Flexible purchase or rental options to fit your circumstance

No need to out lay hundreds of dollars to get the peace of mind you need. Rent your Jeenee Assist from as little as $29.90 per month and as short as 3 months or buy outright for $349.00,  plus $7.90 per month for network coverage. This makes it cost effective for anyone to enjoy the peace of mind the Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm provides.

an elderly lady clutching her chest and fallen on the ground reaching for Jeenee Assist sos alarm

Fall detection to initiate auto call out when accidents happen

Most accidents happen in and around the home. If the user of the alarm falls, the device will recognise the sudden change in height and direction and will commence the call out procedure automatically. When someone answers they will be able to speak directly to the user and be able to decide on the next steps to take. You will be able to continue to speak with your loved one, giving the reassurance until help arrives.

cheerful elderly lady enjoying her warm shower

Water resistant for convenient everyday use

Many accidents happen in the home and most of these happen on wet surfaces. The Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm is water resistant so can be used in the shower or worn in the rain.  It cannot be submerged in water so cannot be used in the bath.

elderly lady dressed in black with a walking stick is wandering alone through a park

GeoFence to protect wanderers

A geofence alert can be setup to alert all the contacts if the user leaves a predefined area (distance) from the setup point. This is particularly useful if the user is prone to wandering or is suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia. This feature is setup by calling the help centre during business hours when alarm is in the desired location.

elderly lady is happy sitting on a couch in a sunny room talking on her jeenee assist sos alarm

Emergency call button

Your loved one can make phone calls to their favourite contact by simply pressing the call button on the side of the alarm. This is an ideal option to replace a mobile phone, if you only need to make calls to one number.

an elderly lady on the phone to her young grand daughter and her daughter who are happy to speak to her

2 way calling means anyone can call

The Jeenee Assist can be called by anyone as it has a mobile phone number assigned to it. As it is designed to be worn or carried, this makes it an ideal way to stay in contact with the wearer, without the need for them to carry a separate mobile phone. Calls to the Jeenee Assist are automatically answered and do not use the alarms credit.

A young man with a cap and a back pack is on a hill in a remote area with his mobile phone and he has his thumb up as he has mobile phone reception

Excellent coverage using Optus Network

The Jeenee Assist SOS Alarm will work anywhere that you can receive an Optus mobile phone signal. Click here to check coverage in the home of the user.

Fast charging in under 1 hour

Your Jeenee Assist will charge in as little as 30 minutes with either the cradle supplied or via the usb charging port on the alarm. Generally it will last up to 3 days without charging and it will also send text messages alerting the contacts that the alarm needs to be charged, this ensures your Jeenee Assist will always be available.

Full setup and ongoing phone support

The Jeenee Assist comes to your door with: full programming, unlimited Australian based phone support for future changes, USB charging cable and cradle, quick release lanyard to allow the alarm to be worn like a necklace (if desired), BONUS wrist strap, a choice of 4 colours, pink, green, black or blue and full instructions. Delivery is Free within Australia.

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